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Learn The Big Apple Dance Routine

An Instructional Dance DVD, created by Dancers for Dancers.

The Big Apple had already exploded in New York City when we started doing it in the famous Savoy Theatre every Saturday Night! - Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning is credited with inventing the steps of the famous Big Apple Contest for the Movie "Keep Punching". With the release of the Movie in 1937, his steps where preserved for all of us to see. Along with the original footage of this dance, Hanna & Mattias attempt to recapture the original Hype of the 1920s. They give step-by-step instructions on how to dance the Big Apple Routine and with Whiz and Jazz make the routine fun for all dancers alike.

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About The Big Apple Contest

The exact origin of the Big Apple is unclear but one author suggests that the dance originated from the "ring shout", a group dance associated with religious observances that was founded before 1860 by African Americans on plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. The ring shout is described as a dance with "counterclockwise circling and high arm gestures" that resembled the Big Apple.

It is still practiced today in small populations of the southern United States. The dance that eventually became known as the Big Apple is speculated to have been created in the early 1930s by African American youth dancing at the House of Prayer Synagogue on Gates Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The synagogue was converted into a black juke joint called the "Big Apple Night Club.

More info on Wikipedia

Hanna + Mattias Lundmark

In 2003 Hanna & Mattias joined forces while dancing with Harlem Hot Shots. Together they have competed and made finals in competitions such as Hellzapoppin (New York, 2004 & 2005) and The Battle (Stockholm, 2006). At the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (Minneapolis, 2007) they won 3rd Place in the fast division. In 2007 both joined the stage-show Rhythm instrument in Hamburg, Germany, and have continued to be seen on Swedish, German and New Zealand Television.

Hanna Lundmark (former Zetterman)

Hanna’s original goal to become a Sprinter changed in 1997 when she discovered Lindy Hop. She got her start with the showgroup Back Alley Cats and then joined Shout’n Feel it. In 2000 she became a member of The Rhythm Hot Shots, now known as the Harlem Hot Shots. She graduated in 2006 from the professional program at Ballet Academy of Stockholm where she studied Jazz, Modern and Ballet. Hanna has been dancing in commercials, stage- and tv-shows all over the world. With her passion for teaching she founded a special dance-track for children at the Herräng Dance Camp to encourage children to pursue a career in dancing.

Mattias Lundmark

With only 12 years of age, Mattias started dancing Swedish Folk-dances and with a young group of dancers toured all over Scandinavia. It was with this group that Mattias discovered Lindy Hop in 1990. He instantly developed a great passion for the dance and together with his sister Annika they placed 3rd at the Lindy Hop World Championships in 1997. After this, Mattias started working professionally, when joining The Rhythm Hot Shots, later re-grouped as the Harlem Hot Shots. Mattias has been performing, teaching, choreographing and producing shows all over the world ever since.

Find out more about Hanna & Mattias at MandH.se

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The Music: "Big Apple Contest"

Appears on "Swingmatism" by
The Solomon Douglas Swingers

Solomon Douglas went to great length to recording the Big Apple Classic. His track is the recording that is the basis of the dance routine in this DVD.

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Soundtrack from the DVD

"Lord Oh Lord" by
Ray Collins Hot Club

As musician residing in cologne, Ray Collins supported the production of the DVD by supplying the additional Soundtrack.

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Frankie Manning '99

A Dance-Video contribution with
Bernd Lier Ensemble

Together with the Bonn Lindy-Hop-Scene "Swing-In-Bonn" the following video was contributed for the Happy Franky Manning.

Frankies Birthday Blog

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